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When the child Basava was born he did not cry or open his eyes for days. According to Sage Jataveda, who later became his guru, Basava had been in a yogic trance. Basaveshvara was a unique human being, a reformer way ahead of his times. Eight hundred years ago, at a time when society was ridden with the evils of a rigid caste system, he spoke of equality and believed in the emancipation of women.




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Venkatesh commented on Basaveshwara from Basaveshwara: Living in Bangalore since few years I heard frequently the name of Basaveshwara. Good to know about this great devotee of Lord Shiva who lived way ahead of his times. Thanks for this book. I love ACK.
Venkatesh loves Basaveshwara from Basaveshwara
Venkatesh likes Basaveshwara from Basaveshwara
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