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This collection of Buddhist tales tell of Amrapali, an accomplished dancer who commanded the love and admiration of an entire town, and of Upagupta, who was just a poor monk. Amrapali craved peace; Upagupta’s bearing exuded contentment. Amrapali depended on the adulation of her audience; Upagupta spurned the attentions of the rich and famous. Their stories were different, but the Buddha’s wise teachings linked their lives – and the lessons to be learned from them.




A A commented on Amrapali from Amrapali: extraordinary
Krishna likes Amrapali from Amrapali
Krishna commented on Amrapali from Amrapali: Amrapali was the most beautiful women on planet during buddha period.... her beauty was so enchanting that even lord Buddha told his disciples to close their eyes when she went to his monastery !!
Bhavya rated on Amrapali from Amrapali