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Kochunni ran away from home, to avoid living with his thieving parents. But wherever he went, people insisted on treating the little boy as a thief himself. Kochunni grew up deteremined to make his mark on the world and to fight injustice and prejudice. He became a highwayman, a daring Robin Hood-like figure who robbed the rich and gave the poor. He liked to target the most arrogant and cruel landlords and teach them a lesson. With his martial skills and his daring, Kochunni managed to outwit everyone. Kochunni's sense of mischief makes him the subject of many folk tales in Kerala.




commented on Kochunni from Kochunni: From the Story of Kochunni we learn that good things must be done but in the right way. Kochunni made the mistake of doing right thing in the wrong way(stealing).
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