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The entire Maratha kingdom was shocked when Sambhaji, the son of Shivaji, joined forces with the Mughal army, Shivaji's greatest foe. Sambhaji had a tough childhood. His father was too busy to look after him and his mother died when he was only two. The young Sambhaji's main support came from his grandmother. When she died, he was bereft of love and care. To make matters worse, his step-mother was campaigning to make her own son the next ruler, trying to poison Shivaji's mind against Sambhaji. This Amar Chitra Katha traces the events that led up to the coronation of this wise and just Maratha ruler.




Sanjay Pai commented on Sambhaji from Sambhaji: One of the best king's from Maharashtra like father like son... saviours of Hindus.. he thought more than 200 battles but never lost a single one... was carried due to treachery by brother in law... they say that even his migration to Mughals was part of 'Ganimikava' by his illustrious father..... he had to fight for what was truthfully his due to treachery by several courtiers who loved his father but sought to oust Veer Sambhaji... who fought back and upheld the greatness and ideals his illustrious father established
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