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As a little boy Shatakarni, or Shalivahana as he was later called, watched helplessly as he and his widowed mother were thrown out of their house by his father's brothers. Sheltered by a potter the boy grew up with the prophecy of a wandering sage ringing in his ears that he would one day become king. The Sanskrit classic, Kathasaritasagar and Vikrama Charita, from which most of this story is taken, traces the path that makes Shalivahana so powerful that an entire era, the Shalivahana Shaka, was named after him.




Sankar Ganesh likes Shalivahana from Shalivahana
Sankar Ganesh loves Shalivahana from Shalivahana
Bharathi Seshadri commented on Shalivahana from Shalivahana: But Vikramaditya was destained to be killed by the son of a two year old. This book is all right, you just need the correct story unless this is a different version.
Vineet Shahal commented on Shalivahana from Shalivahana: yes
Vihaan Keerthi loves Shalivahana from Shalivahana