Gayatri Madan Dutt


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A hundred sons, the sages say, are a hundred blessings. Gandhari's hundred Kaurava sons, however, were more of a curse. Did they become evil by some divine plan or was it because she was proudly blind to their faults? Helpless as they heaped dishonour on the family, she was furious with Lord Krishna for abetting in her son's eventual slaughter. Unfortunately, her grief was overpowering, and threatened to wreak further havoc...




Shruti commented on Gandhari from Gandhari: am surprised, that her meeting with duryodhan before his last wrestling match with bheema was left out, as it was the only time she opened her blindfold
ppriyav88 likes Gandhari from Gandhari
ppriyav88 commented on Gandhari from Gandhari: Gandhari would have been great lady if she hadn't decided to blindfold herself. She was intelligent and beautiful.
Trishul likes Gandhari from Gandhari
Sojourner Truth commented on Gandhari from Gandhari: The Kauravas died a well deserved death, except for Vikarna alone. It was good to see Bheema dismembering Dushasana for the way he disgraced Draupadi.