Mother Teresa


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It was on a train from Calcutta to Darjeeling that Mother Teresa first heard the call. A voice beckoned her to leave the sheltered life of the convent and come out to serve the poorest of the poor. That voice changed her life completely and also the lives of everyone she touched. Though Albanian by birth, Mother Teresa made India her home. Humbly, yet firmly, Mother set to work trying to heal the world's greatest disease, 'of being unwanted and unloved'. At the time of her death, the world acknowledged her as one of the most enduring symbols of love.




Sojourner Truth commented on Mother Teresa from Mother Teresa: Honestly, medical care in a good government hospital is preferable to living in a hospice. Christopher Hitchens revealed the ugly truth about Mother Teresa. I respect her as a human being but definitely not for what she actually did. She used to favour horrific dictators like 'Papa Doc' Duvalier (I hope I made no mistake in spelling) and that scam artist Charles Keating. Also, her hospice in Kolkata was, for all the funding it received, in total squalor. Problem is that most people are not aware of such things. Another common myth is that Gandhiji brought us Independence. What was actually true is that Bose and the Japanese, even though they committed war crimes in the Andamans and ensuring that Bose never knew of these atrocities, were the ones who actually brought us Independence. This is in Lord Wavell's own words. Sadly, the history taught is wrong in several ways.
Sojourner Truth commented on Mother Teresa from Mother Teresa: Christopher Hitchens begs to differ....
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