Mayah Balse


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Sanjna basked in the warmth of her husband, the radiant Sun God, Surya. But sometime, the sun's glare got uncomfortably fierce, and Sanjna could not bear it. She devised the perfect cover for herself - Chhaya, her mirror image! Away from the blazing Surya, the lonely Sanjna pined for her beloved. Eventually, a way had to be found to ensure everyone's happiness.




deetya likes Surya from Surya
Kavitha K commented on Surya from Surya: Very nice book...
deetya commented on Surya from Surya: This is literally the best book
deetya loves Surya from Surya
Reet Reetesh Tiwary commented on Surya from Surya: Wow, this book is so well narrated! I never knew this much about the Sun (Surya), but I got to know more through this book! :)