Sati And Shiva

Sati And Shiva

Kamala Chandrakant


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Only Sati could fulfill Shiva's exacting demands. As his companion she could match his ascetic ways as well as be a loving wife. Unfortunately, her happiness was overshadowed by an arrogant father. Sati countered Daksha's insensitivity with an immense, horrific sacrifice, which threw the universe into chaos and turmoil. As the heroine of this primeval romantic story she embodies the essence of a perfect spouse.




Jayabharathwaj Venkataraman commented on Sati And Shiva from Sati And Shiva: I have read this book many times and I have heard it many times but the way Amar Chitra katha has told it really impressed me.i like the pictures and that even children like me can read it. Bhavya
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