Kamala Chandrakant


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This dark beauty was no ordinary woman. Born from the pure flames of a sacred fire, Draupadi was devoted wife to the five famously talented and virtuous Pandava brothers. The evil Kauravas wanted her for themselves and eyed the Pandava kingdom as well. Raging at their impertinence and ranting at her husbands' helplessness, Draupadi inspired a deadly war which wiped out the Kaurava scourge for ever.




Sharada Aanand commented on Draupadi from Draupadi: Very Good Book! Incredible!!
Harini S commented on Draupadi from Draupadi: oh my God! this book is nice but it is not happy because it is from mahabharata!
Vaishnavi Sanan commented on Draupadi from Draupadi: nice
Jonna likes Draupadi from Draupadi
Vihaan Keerthi loves Draupadi from Draupadi