Kamala Chandrakant


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Son of the beautiful goddess Ganga, the giver of life, the lad was born to greatness. Not only was he handsome and wise, he was also equally adept on the battlefield or in a regal court. As this tale reveals, Bheeshma is best remembered for his exceptional honesty and kindness. Who else would have uncomplainingly suffered the trials of kingship without its comforts? Who else would have chosen long years of loneliness just to pander to a father's whim?




Sharada Aanand loves Bheeshma from Bheeshma
Sharada Aanand commented on Bheeshma from Bheeshma: Amazing story Also interesting All the books are good
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Anand commented on Bheeshma from Bheeshma: Awesome
Vihaan Keerthi loves Bheeshma from Bheeshma