S. K. Ramchandra Rao


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King Suddhodana was at his wit's end. He had surrounded his handsome young heir with comfort and riches, love and respect, but Prince Siddhartha was still not content. One night, the prince abandoned his family. Exchanging his royal robes for a begging bowl, his luxurious palace for the shade of a tree, Siddhartha lived the life of an ascetic to seek the ultimate truth about life and suffering. His search led him to enlightenment and he became Buddha, the Awakened One.




Parvati Iyer commented on Buddha from Buddha: I love this book! It’s full of amazing details I had not known. The only thing is that there was some things I did not like such as the jealousy of Devadatta but otherwise there was some nice twists!
Anish Kumar rated on Buddha from Buddha

Anish Kumar rated on Buddha from Buddha

Reet Reetesh Tiwary commented on Buddha from Buddha: A very emotional story. It is really difficult to give up the life of luxury and just go away to the woods in search of the real meaning of life. But, Buddha did it! He is just great. I got internal peace after reading this book. Overall a meaningful and enjoyable read! :)
Gauri Agasti loves Buddha from Buddha