Your Turn Now


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Remember the time someone ran past you in corridor and jostled you against the wall?

Remember the time no one shared a sip of water when your bottle fell and the water spilled out?

Remember the time no one was your friend for the day?

Remember the times you looked for a moment of kindness but did not find it?

The fact is everyone has a well of kindness deep inside of them. You just have to remind them to use it. And when they do, it triggers off a chain of happiness that transforms everyone it touches.

‘Your Turn Now’ is a movement started by Rushabh Turakhia with a simple concept – to remind children and adults to use their innate kindness. Since its inception in 2009,this movement has now spread to several countries and has touched hundreds of lives. From housemaids to housewives, from students to tourists, from children to old men, they have all been touched by a stranger’s kindness. They share these special moments in this heart-warming, inspiring collection of stories.This book is filled with true stories- that happened to real people.

‘Your Turn Now’ is a movement to spread smiles and kindness. The Little Blue Card is a happy tool that reminds people to pass on a kind act – connection that binds people from all walks of life across the world.




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