The Quest for Rama's Bow

The Quest for Rama's Bow


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In the peaceful kingdom of Mecca, there lived a wise king named Bharat. One day, Suka the magician drove him and his ministers out of the kingdom. Sarva, a brave minister and the king's favourite, wanted to bring justice to the king. The only way that is possible for him is to obtain Rama's bow, which is in the jungle. Will he be able to obtain Rama's bow and defear Suka, or will he meet his end in the adventure?

At ACK Learn, we conducted the ‘My Own Chitra Katha Workshop’ which was designed to teach children how they could tell their own amazing stories and also illustrate them into books! More than 50 books have been created with more being created with each workshop!

You can now read some of these amazing books, that have been conceptulised, written and illustrated by the children as they worked with the Amar Chitra Katha content team over a span of 12 days.
This is our way of encouraging our young authors and illustrators and we hope that you will read and enjoy what they have to offer.
Also, you can create your own illustrated books at the My Own Chitra Katha workshop and get them showcased on the ACK Comics App too! Follow ACKLearn on Instagram to stay updated with all our new workshops and batches. Or you could write to us at or WhatsApp us on 7093131854.
Have fun reading this special showcase on the ACK Comics App!